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Eight Technologies is a leading technology company in mobile advertising strategies, mobile content management, internet search technologies and content delivery strategies. The Read It Technology (patent pending) developed by Eight Technologies is designed to improve website SEO, performance and conversions using pre-coded audio files. The Read It Technology is a must for any website owner who needs to deliver content to a website visitor, especially mobile users. Eight Technologies has an active marketing and advertising campaign to assist affiliates in driving traffic to our website along with our in-house graphics team to create custom material for our affiliates. We have modified our 8tech account structure as of Aug. 1st and are in the process of changing our affiliate program to meet these changes. We will send out information about our affiliate program once we have finished the changes.

Promote Read It and Earn $$$

What We Offer

1. Pay per click

Eight Technologies is in the process of changing our affiliate program.

2. Banners and Links for any need!!!

Eight Technologies builds our own banners and links to promote our technology. Ask us about our customization program.

How It Works

1. Link to the 8tech home page.

Eight Technologies is in the process of modifying our affiliate program.

2. Use Your Blog, Website, Facebook, Twitter, etc

You can use your blog, website, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media account to send clients to 8tech.

3. Use Your Associate ID Code

You can find your unique referral ID in the Associates section of My Account that you can use to easily create referral links.

Join Today!

If you have any questions about our affiliate program, please call (904) 305-4397 or email us at

Why Our Clients Use the Read It Platform

Improve SEO - Because of the design of our technology, website owners will improve their SEO by building links with their audio files and engagement with their visitors.

Secured Files - All files are stored on our secured server so no one can download or pirate any information.

Improve Content Delivery - Website owners can deliver content to their visitors on all platforms for better comprehension of their message.

Improve Visitor Engagement - With their website content being delivered in audio files, website owners will improve engagement and interaction.

Works on all Platforms - The audio player works on all platforms, browsers and devices.

Deliver content to mobile users with a better format - Audio can be played on any mobile device and deliver their content no matter how small the screen.

Improve Website Design - Through Eight Technologies Analytics, website owners can see what content is working, which pieces of information the visitors to their website find most important and where that information is presented best on their website for a powerful message.

5 Reasons to Join 8tech

  • 1. A leading technology with worldwide market penetration

  • 2. Discount on using the technology

  • 3. Our commission and payment structures are being modified

  • 4. Extensive marketing to help affiliates drive traffic

  • 5. Easy brand awareness of 8tech button

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